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Need an all in security surveillance solutions provider?

Look no further that the Closed Circuit Crew.

Closed Circuit Crew is a company dedicated to service excellence, product integrity and responsive support and customer service. Our head office is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa from where we service customers all over the country and neighboring countries.
Born as a child of necessity to provide reliable and trustworthy security and surveillance solutions, Closed Circuit Crew has never looked back and continues to meet the needs of its clients through dynamic and functional video surveillence and security solutions.

To make sure we deliver the best services to our clients we chose to specialise and focus on video surveillence and security systems. We have since curved a respectable market following.
Our focus is not on the quantity of work done but rather on the quality and integrity of our solutions. Giving you our customer peace of mind is our ultimatum and enabling you to keep a close watch on your assets and valuables our goal. Why not talk to Closed Circuit Crew todat and get a personalised video surveillance security system.

All our customer service teams at Closed circuit Crew are motivated by providing a service par excellence and customer satisfaction. Creating a peaceful environment and giving you control over your own space is our preregotive.
We invest a substantial amount of time to develop our staff and improve their technical knowledge and competence so that we are able to not only install but to recommend and configure the best video security surveillence systems that best meet your needs.

Contact us right now by calling our customers service champions

Muhammed(moe) - 071 621 1020 or Fatima - 072 142 6447 ,

send us as an email at info@closedcircuitcrew.co.za

Our Services

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    We supply a very wide range of video surveillence equipment, accessories spares and parts sourced from reputable manufacturers around the world. Whether you want a complete kit or just components, you can get it all.
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    Our competent and suitably qualified technical teams will install, configure and test your video surveillence system and ensure that it meets acceptable perfomance levels and onsite equipment operation training.
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    Ongoing scheduled servicing and mantainence of video security surveillence on current installations to ensure optimal perfomance standards is available on request. Contact us for your customised servicing quotation.
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    Nobody understand intermittent breakdown of video survelleince equipment than Closed Circuit Crew. Our technical teams are available to respond to equipment breakdowns or system reconfigurations. Just give us a call.

What Do We Do?

Read on to discover how we secure your property and assets.

At Closed Circuit Crew we have developed a wide range of security solutions backed by our knowledgable technical teams designed around the unique needs of our diverse customer base.
Our Product Development and Technical Teams are always on hand to craft a solution that will best meet your individual security needs.

Included in our scope of safety and security solutions and services is;

Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) systems

Ip video solutions

Analogue video cameras

Audio & PA systems

Alarm installations

Electric fencing

Acces control

Time & attendance

Fire detection

Intercom systems

Network cabling

Value Added Services

At Closed Circtuit Crew we believe that you need a shoulder to lean on and a security expert to handle your survelleince work. Available services include;

Online access to systems

Online viewing

After hours covert installations

Site surveys

Rental schemes on digital equipment

Online guarding

Should you have any specific needs and requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on 071 621 1020 or 072 1426 447 to discuss your needs with one ofour consultants.

Our Suppliers

At Closed Circuit Crew we only stock, install and sell equipment from renowned and reputable suppliers. The brands that we specialise in are;-

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